About Us





SATRADE was established to facilitate the importation of affordable,  quality commodities from international sources.

Our pricing is highly  competitive due to our bulk shipments, and local warehousing facility. 

We market these products nationally within Southern Africa, and also  export into Sub-Saharan Africa, and Internationally. 

Our experienced procurement team has the resources and international and local contacts to source high demand, high quality products.

Many of the items that we import are direct requests from our existing customer base. Due to the large volume of orders, and the excellent rapport we have with our international suppliers, we can offer the most competitive pricing to our clients.  

Satrade also purchases stock from ‘Pre-Liquidation’ and ‘Auction/Insurance Salvage sales’ within the boundaries of Africa, and Internationally. Only top quality products are procured, and all are put through a vigorous quality assurance testing procedure before being listed.

We pride ourselves in the fact that we are able to deliver our products efficiently at all times.