Mandela Commemorative Gold Medallion – 1/10 oz.

“The Struggle is my Life”

This 1/10 oz Gold Medallion is one of 5000 pieces minted by the Mint Of Norway.
Diameter – 14mm
Quality – Proof

This is the Commemorative1/10th oz Gold Medal.

The winner of the 1993 Nobel Prize for Peace, Nelson Mandela, has been honoured with the sriking of this limited issue commemorative medallion.

The obverse was designed by British artist Avril Vaughan.

The Medallion is minted in pure 999 gold by the Mint Of Norway to the most exciting proof quality.

The Medallion is inserted and attached in this tribute booklet. Note that the medallion is in a plastic seal. It is still new, and unopened.

Price: R3,500.00

Mandela Medal 1/10

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