Nelson Mandela Original Canvas Painting – ‘The Struggle’

Nelson Mandela, by the time of his death, had come to widely considered as the ‘Father of a Nation’ and the ‘founding father of democracy’ within South Africa and abroad. A liberator, a saviour, across the world, Mandela earned international acclaim for his activism in overcoming apartheid and fostering racial reconciliation, coming to be viewed as ‘a moral authority’ with an unending ‘ concern for truth’.
It is this image of Mandela as a secular saint that artist ‘Inkuleleka’ tries to portray through his work, depicting Mandela as an almost mythic figure; a tangible symbol of liberation and reconciliation. A popular perception that is shared not only by the realities of South Africans but also in the imaginations of millions worldwide. Inkulekela, although having little in way of formal artistic training; is one of the few African artist who began to portray the figure of Mandela through almost popular cultural means, echoing the ideas of Warhol’s mass production and consumption; and commenting on the idea of the grip of Mandela’s image consumed by the world.
Drawing much of his influence from the African imagination; Inkulekela creates powerful iconographies of Mandela using colourful undiluted hues of colour; simultaneously being reminiscent of traditional African Venda hut painting whilst combining the imagery of a mass produced media overlay.

Painting: The Struggle
Size: 900mmx1400mm (1.0mx1.65m)
Original: Acrylic and oil on canvas
Prints available (Signed edition of 20)

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Mandela Canvas Original